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BrightEdge's New On-Page SEO Autopilot Technology


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BrightEdge's New On-Page SEO Autopilot Technology

Michael Richmond


Whenever I work with large corporations, I get to use some cutting-edge software and platforms that typical businesses can’t afford. One SEO software that truly amazed me was BrightEdge. Most SEO experts have not used BrightEdge because it is meant for very large websites and it is $10,000 per quarter to be able to use it. However, if you have worked with a large corporation, especially a fortune 500 company, the odds of you using it are high. In my opinion BrightEdge is the best SEO software that money can buy. It is SEMrush and Ahrefs on steroids. Now they have recently updated their platform and they are basically on a different level compared to any SEO software out there.

Now, BrightEdge has put SEO on autopilot and can perform many SEO strategies without any manual work. Some of the things it can perform are:

  • Duplicate content issues

  • Broken links

  • Mobile issues

  • Page performance

  • Infrastructure issues

These are big on-page SEO issues that for a large website over 10,000 pages can be a daunting task for any SEO expert or team. However, BrightEdge will fix these issues quickly and automatically. This means you don’t need a large SEO team anymore fixing on-page errors on many pages.

If you don’t believe that BrightEdge can help your on-page SEO then you can look at their stats they have done when testing the new autopilot tool. On average, the customer using BrightEdge Autopilot have seen:

  • 60% increase in page views per visit

  • 21% more keywords on Page 1 rankings

  • 2X increase in conversions

  • 28% improvement in ad quality score

If you talk to a BrightEdge salesperson they will tell you their software works for businesses of all sizes but the truth is if you have a small website and are paying their big price tag for their premier features you are wasting your money. You can easily make manual SEO changes to your website and save yourself thousands of dollars. Again, I only recommend BrightEdge for large websites that have thousands of pages and a big marketing budget.

BrightEdge Does Not Fix All SEO Issues

Even though BrightEdge is a great platform for SEO professionals it does not solve all SEO issues. Off page SEO is an area that is still a manual process for SEO experts. Some smart company’s hire teams of link building experts that get high domain authority links for their website that will help the rank for difficult keywords and other companies will outsource their link building efforts. If you work in a big corporate and you have a large budget, I recommend getting your own in-house team. Outsourcing any work especially link building can be tricky and mysterious. But the truth is link building is straight forward. The only reason it might look mysterious is because the 3rd party agency does not want to tell you the truth about the amount or quality of the backlinks they are getting for you. The reason why is because they have other companies and projects they are working on and agency life is all about being overloaded and putting fires out. Because of this their quality of work is not as good and I highly recommend getting an in-house SEO link building expert in your digital marketing team or department.

Something else that BrightEdge will not be able to help you with is user experience and content creation. Of course, they can give you keywords that are good topics for content, but they will not write the content for you. User experience involves a lot of testing and tweaking and involves the web dev team to help and SEO expert with this process. Also, BrightEdge does not help with social media or citation building which are both important to SEO and Google.


In conclusion, if you are lucky to use BrightEdge when working with on a large website with a corporation you will see how powerful that tool is. Eventually I think SEMrush and Ahrefs will catch up to BrightEdge and offer similar tools like the on-page autopilot feature and they will do it at a cheaper rate as well. No matter what SEO article you read or expert you listen to SEO is not going away with automation. Automation can only do so much for your website before you need the touch and insights from an SEO expert. If SEO was for some crazy reason automated in the future, we are all in trouble because only the wealthiest companies will be able to afford that technology and they would own the organic search landscape and small businesses will be screwed. Lucky this will never happen, and SEO will always be a need for any business that is online.