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Terms & Conditions

This is the terms and conditions of Orange SEO

Orange SEO will work to improve the search engine performance for the customer on a month-by-month effort.  These efforts are under the Cascading Campaigns that are intended to improve search engine placement and the general Internet appeal of the customer’s website

Search engine placement takes time to show improvement.  Search engine improvements may take 30 to 90 days to have an impact on search engine placement.

Payment is made in advance of services each month. If any payments fail or are late we have the right to stop any work or service that SEO is provide for the customer.

Search engine placement shall be based upon no less than 10 keywords supplied by the customer.  Other keywords may be suggested to Orange SEO for inclusion.  Success in getting “Page One” placement may not apply to all keywords. 

It should be understood that getting a “Page One” placement for certain keywords is a dynamic process.  Once placement is achieved, the positions may be lost if there is not continuing effort to promote these keywords in an active manner.

Other work requests, such as Google adwords, are done at an extra charge.  The SEO package requested is not all-inclusive.  The scope of work is under the Cascading Campaign program.  Therefore, development of ads, marketing campaigns, Craig’s list, or other market projects will be quoted separately and in addition to the SEO program. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media are already in the Cascading Campaigns; however, setting up and maintaining individual social media accounts will be at an extra charge if they are not already included in the service package, and the client shall be responsible for the updating of these accounts.

Websites that are not optimized may affect the overall performance of the search engine placement.  We will suggest optimization improvements to the client.  The work required to make these changes may incur further professional fees.

Should the client require hosting, programming, or non-SEO work; Orange SEO will attempt to direct these requests to the appropriate professionals.