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2227 White Eagle Drive
Plainfield, IL, 60586
United States



About Us

Orange SEO only cares about helping our customers be successful online and is in it for the long run. We only works with a handful of companies that are serious about gaining visibility on the search engines and social media.

The creation of Orange SEO was a byproduct of doing a lot of research with all types of businesses online. Years of research and development with different techniques using a trial and error method with a group of tech savvy individuals that had a lot of experience decided to start Orange SEO. We found a successful online marketing formula the showed results no matter what industry they were in, on any keyword.

Orange SEO was founded in 2011 because we were doing online market uniquely, effectively, and affordably for business owners. Our client base started off with small businesses and we eventually started consulting with Fortune 500 companies because of our amazing success online. We started using something that no one else does which is Cascading Campaigns. We do weekly campaigns that look natural to search engines using state of the art software that adapts to the search engines. After our clients noticed our success we took off and we have not stopped.

Because we are a small business, we only work with clients that are truly interested in having success online. You can't do online marketing well if you are not 100% dedicated to the process and the process can take 4-6 months usually.  This is the most difficult part for our customers to understand but in a lot of ways we are under the mercy of the search engines and their algorithms. We do not guarantee getting ranked #1 on Google under any specific keyword in a day or week. Our process is progressive and we show results each month to prove our process works over time. Another big factor in this equation is updating your website and social media regularly which we will do for you as long as you provide some of the content. We are a one stop shop for online marketing and we can handle all your needs no matter how big the obstacle is.