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Should I Have A Blog On My Website?


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Should I Have A Blog On My Website?

Michael Richmond

I get the "should I have a blog on my website" question all the time and my answer no matter what industry you are in is always yes. Blogs are extremely important to the search engines because, as you might already know, content is king. But here are some other advantages that you might have not of thought about.

Blogs and Keywords Ranking


Blogs are the best way for your website to go for valuable keywords. Let say you are a chiropractic clinic and you want to start focusing on reflexology but you are not ranking for any reflexology keywords, so no new potential clients can find you on the search engines. My suggestion is writing down some techniques, thoughts, strategies, and advantages about reflexology and posting them on your website under the blog section. Not only is this free for you to do but it also creates value in your customer's eyes that they can read about what it is about and the benefits of doing reflexology.

If you are a very busy person and you don't have time to write blogs you can hire a copywriter for cheap and have them do it for you on a weekly or monthly basis. As you write more blogs that are focusing on high search volume keywords you will notice more organic traffic on your website. This will not be something that will happen overnight but over a 6 month or 1 year period. You will notice each time you do a new blog you will get an uptick on your website for that day and you get more loyal readers.

Link Building Value


As your website and blog become more valuable and you get more readers you will notice that link builders will try to contact you and ask if you can put a link on your website for another website that is related to the topic you wrote about. Don't be mean to link builders or ignore them. They can be extremely valuable and is a great way for you to make extra income.

Depending on your website domain value and how much organic traffic you are bringing in you can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month putting other peoples links on your website. If you have a website with 60+ DA with 10,000 visitors a month you can easily charge $800-$1000 for each link added to your blog. This is when creating all the valuable content can start cashing in. One thing to make sure of if that the links you are putting on your website are credible and not spammy. If they are spammy then it could hurt your DA score and the value of your website so be careful who you work with and the links you are posting.

Fresh Content


Google loves to see fresh and new content and will rank your website higher just because you post new content on a regular basis even if you are not focusing on specific keywords. Obviously, the more focused on a keywords you are and the more people view your content, comment, and share it the higher Google will rank your blog. Just the fact that your website is posting new content is something that makes Google very happy and your customers will appreciate it as well. 

As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, the more content you put out on the internet whether it be video, pictures, or text the more exposure your brand will get and there is no such thing as bad exposure. Another thing you want to do is put your blog content on as many social media channels and possible. If you don't have the most popular social media platforms create an account and start adding your blog content on your social media and create a following. I personally think Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Snapchat are the top social media channels that will give you the best exposure.

Interest and Balance


When writing a blog a lot of people just want to put 500-1500 words down and call it a day but you want to make sure that your blog has a mixture of pictures, video, and text. Too much text will make the reader bored and they will lose interest fast. You want to make sure that your website also has pictures and video to keep them interested so they stay and come back to your website as a loyal reader. Another thing that is important is to make sure your blog titles are eye-catching. The more modifiers you use the better chance you have to get someone to read your specific blog. A modifier is when you use dates, buzzwords, and hyperbole that will make sure people click to read what the article is about.

Keyword Strategy

keyword strategy.jpg

When focusing on keywords for your blog make sure the keyword is in the title, header, description, body, and URL of the blog page. The more you use the keyword in the body of the blog the more Google will realize this content is very relevant to a specific keyword and start ranking you higher on that keyword. This is called keyword density and Google looks to see what keyword is mentioned the most when ranking pages. Keyword Density Checker is a good tool to use for this so you can analyze your page accordingly. Another thing you want to watch out for is that you are not using too many hyperlinks on your website. Depending on the size of the article 3-5 hyperlinks are good. Anything more looks fishy and hurts the value or what we call link juice of that page.

I hope this information helps you in your blogging career and I wish you the best of luck on this extraordinary online adventure.