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Does Google Adwords Work for Small Businesses?


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Does Google Adwords Work for Small Businesses?

Michael Richmond

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For over a decade of working within the marketing business I've watched trends come and go and specific approaches used to grow a business's revenue and customer acquisition. However one very strong method that has changed its algorithm so radically over the decades has made it really not so cost effective or very effective at all for that matter when it comes to the small business.

Even though Google AdWords can do a great deal when done and to a science. You need to continuously watch the effort as you're running it in order for you to make the necessary changes so far as geography, promotions, target market etc. until you discover that beautiful something we as entrepreneurs look for.

Now I'd love to say there is an even playing field for the small business when it comes to PPC but I would be lying. Truth is Google AdWords campaigns can blow through your advertising budget very fast before you see results.

First you must get the perfect keywords to spend you bucks into and also that doesn't guarantee you success, because you have the big dog cooperate firms paying the big dollars to lock in those same key words and eager to pay a greater cost to solidify them and rank well beyond your means.

Which brings me to the thing I hate most, (the alternative), many marketing companies give you the smart idea to simply lower your PPC or pay per click? But that actually isn't the solution nor is it that bright; it's quite annoying in fact.

I always tell my customers to keep in mind, there are well over a million advertising companies battling for the top spot on Google and any key word relative to your business you'll be able to assume 100 percent was used and has been used.

In addition, lowering your PPC puts you in a position of constantly fighting for high ranking key words, your always competing for the best spot without ever having the leverage or funds to achieve that objective. Zoning in on the notion that lowering your PPC will benefit you'll be devastating to your campaign and ego. The final result is you will probably be wasting your time, your efforts, research and money on a pointless strategy that actually won't bring you any company in any way.

I would like to take some time to state my goals are not to place shade in my business, rather simply point out that there are a whole lot of hack jobs and scams out there that are looking to take your money knowing they're really not capable, educated enough in addition to experienced in the industry of running Google or social advertising campaigns.

Before you choose to hand your cash to a agency or freelancer who will ultimately just make a massive mess of things, do your homework on them at least. Go through their website and see what they have accomplished in addition to a number of the big names they have worked for. See what services they provide exactly and check for actual reviews. Request to see some stats of campaigns they've run in the past rather compared to a business like yours when possible.

It is not as simple as it might appear to just hope on Google and start running campaigns which will actually bring a R.O.I.. It requires talent, skill and experience as well as a good attention to detail, the ability to predict where things are heading and tweak things when necessary.

Google AdWords may still be effective for the small company

So after all the drawback, I'd like to talk Google AdWords up just a little bit. When it comes to a tiny companies budget every cent to the penny must be accounted for and distributed correctly in order to bring the best result.

What I have discovered, is getting to know the businesses needs and target customer can go a very long way. What service or product sell the most, what is the average ticket sale per customer, what drives the maximum revenue for your business, what are the slow days ? These important elements are extremely valuable and especially when it comes to conducting an effective social or Google advertising campaign.

But the most profitable information to me still lies in having to know and understand your competition, (what are your competitors doing). The more you know, know and learn about what your opponents do, the better you can execute a strategic plan to rid of them and cut ahead of this line and potentially take their customers.

Try to recall however; there are two kinds of consumers, loyal ones and bargain shoppers. You're likely to need to do your best to weed from the bargain shoppers. They are just looking for the business who gives the best bargain.

And a bit off topic except to cover most angels a fantastic means to do that is to implement some type of sampling loyalty rewards program that provides you strong analytics on each and every customer. The good thing about rewards programs is it shows you customer customs and how many times per month they're visiting your shop. Thus allowing you to focus on and reward the ones who actually support your business.

In conclusion I hope you got something out of this article and realize that the brief answer is yes, Google AdWords can indeed do the job for your small business if done properly.

Truth is I really could go on and off with a listing of advertising solutions that will benefit your business as well as the advantages and disadvantages of societal and Google advertising. However, the outcome always comes down to the advertising bureau you choose to represent you and moving into an ad campaign with a comprehensive understanding that setting your expectations to high rather than doing your assignments will result in disappointment and failure.

Always hope for the very best but more importantly plan for it! Do not just go in blind thinking you have the best support (s) or product(s) so people are likely to flock to a shop. Simply believing the simple fact that people just aren't aware of that your brand is why your earnings aren't that of a Walmart is just arrogance.