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Google Ads Question: Responsive Ads Vs. Traditional Text Ads. Which One Is Better?


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Google Ads Question: Responsive Ads Vs. Traditional Text Ads. Which One Is Better?

Michael Richmond


I have been using responsive Google Ads ever since they have come out in 2018 and I have been using traditional text ads since the beginning of Google AdWords creation. Google responsive ads have not been out for that long, but I can already tell you which one is better. This is a question I have been seeing a lot pop up in social media groups and Google Ad webinars and I would like to share my opinion because I think it can help other digital marketers out there that are using one type of Google Ads or both.

What is Google Responsive Ads?

Responsive ads will automatically adjust their size, appearance, and arrangement to fit pretty much any available ad space, according to Google's announcement.

They are automatically created to match the look and feel of their hosting page or program. This will make advertisements appear natural attracting clicks.

Ads can be targeted in the advertisement group level: remarketing, topics, placements, or demographics & display key words, pursuits via display network options that were typical.

What is Google Traditional Text Ads?

Traditional Text Ads appear in the Google search results pages and across Google network. Text are different then display because with display ads show images. Text ads only allow one headline, display URL, and description. The only way to test traditional text ads is two create three or four of them and see how well the perform over a specific period of time such as 4 to 6 months.

Which One Is Better?

With Text ads they are very limiting and google can not easily test them and use machine learning to figure out which one to use more based off clicks, impressions and conversions. However, responsive adds us Google machine learning algorithm and will pay around with multiple headlines (short and long) and descriptions to see which one people are responding better to and they will automatically show that one more then other ad options. I have used this over a 6-month period and our users have increased for display ads by 21%, our paid search has increased by 27%. This proves to me that responsive is a better choice when it comes to Google Ad type.

Responsive Google Ads are the future because they allow machine learning to help you convert leads better. I know there is a lot of people that like tradition text Ads better and that is fine but If you have not tried responsive Google Ads, I suggest testing it out and seeing if it works for you. In my opinion there is no doubt that it will work. Just make sure your ad multiple and quality headlines and descriptions.

As Google ads continues to develop over the years you will notice that they will keep improving the responsive ads features because they know it is the future of Google Ads. Google continues to change and update Google Ads and it can be hard to keep up with. One thing is for certain Google Responsive Ads are not going away and if you want to be successful with Google Ads you will need to use it some time in the near future. If your business is having Google Ads performance issues or you want to get involved with Google Ads let us help you today with our many Google Ads Services.