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What is the Difference Between Page Authority and Domain Authority?


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What is the Difference Between Page Authority and Domain Authority?

Michael Richmond


Authority is a step of any internet property which affects rankings in search engines and the property visibility.


As such, authority is a vital focus for most SEO experts, and rightly so. SEO tactics, such as producing content and link building, are performed with the purpose of climbing authority.


Authority alone cannot guarantee hunt visibility -- significance is also needed by you with the query -- but it is a strong indicator of your general SEO performance.


There are different kinds of "authority". There is no single quantitative step for the authority of a website, however. There have, nevertheless, been attempts to quantify and articulate what 'jurisdiction' is and how Google (and other search engines) calculate and consider it.


Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

There are a range of different, specific steps both direct and indirect.


Moz has created several different qualitative steps for authority, such as MozRank and MozTrust, but most importantly, they're the ones who coined the term "domain authority," which refers to the overall definitive strength of a whole domain.


With this article, narrow my focus on two main areas that are most relevant for SEO campaigns and I'd like to ignore several the technical differences between these terms. I am calling these "domain authority," which refers to the authoritative strength of an entire domain name, and "page power," which refers to the authoritative strength of one page on that domain. Which of them is more significant? Which are the differences?


Domain Authority: Approaches and Outcomes

To begin with, let's look at the ways. It is impossible to increase your domain authority or abruptly, but your position cans enhance within time:


Produce a lot of high-quality articles on your site with a tight internal linking structure.

Function on earning plenty of high-quality inbound links, both regarding external source ability and link significance (these can point to any page).

With these practices, your domain authority 'll gradually and steadily boost. Having a higher domain authority, all pages (including most of your subdomains) will get a higher chance of ranking for applicable queries.


Domain authority offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of how, where, and when you produce links and content. Additionally, it carries wider effects (site-wide). The reverse side is the amount of time and effort it takes to increase -- far more than page power.


Now, let's look at some of the ways


·        Produce a page on a domain with a high authority.

·        Make sure the content of your chosen page is tremendously comprehensive, relevant, and first.

·        Make sure your page is totally operational and optimized for SEO.

·        Include internal linking to and from the page.

·        Earn a lot of high-quality inbound links, both regarding external source authority and link relevance (these should point to a preferred page).

·        Eliminate any bad links pointing into your site (selected page).

·        They should. The majority use to page authority, just on a smaller scale.


Page ability and domain authority also have a mutually beneficial relationship; raising your domain authority will raise the page authority of your individual pages and building more links will have the effect of raising your own domain authority.


Page authority builds quicker giving you a critical advantage should you want to improve search engine positions for one webpage quickly.


Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Objectively, investing in domain authority is better within the long term, and if given enough time, will make you longer inbound visitors (since you'll be increasing the rank potential for many pages at once). Therefore, domain authority demands at least a share of your focus; focusing on one page and one page will stifle your effort's growth.


The situation, optimizing for domain authority rather than for webpage capacity, is a strategy. This is a focus on building your brand. The pages which stand out will naturally attract more links and authority on their own, and you're going to suffer no short term or long-term consequences of not supplying extra boosts to those pages.


The Most Important Thing

Even though both are important to a search visibility, domain authority deserves more attention and prioritization than page authority. It eliminates the problem of placing of your power eggs in one basket and has potential, As it's a longer-term investment.


However, it's still important to consider page ability as a useful tool -- if you have a standout piece of content or a certain page you want to emphasize or compete in search results, you can construct its webpage ability to give it an extra push.


The important thing is to use these metrics strategically; concentrate on domain power if you would like to build your brand and concentrate on page authority when you have one page competing for a specific keyword.