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Is Google Trying To Be the New GoDaddy

Michael Richmond

Recently, I have notice Google Domain ads on Facebook and through my email. This peaked my interest because Google has never offered this service before. As I look into this more I found that Google is now offering domains, websites, and professional emails to businesses and individuals. This should really scare GoDaddy, Wix, and SquarSpace because they are trying to take their market share and hopefully put them out of business. Google is offering domains for $12 a year which is a steal compared to any other domain service out there.


From a business standpoint this could be a bad thing because Google might force businesses to only use their website platform and domains or they will be ranked down on the search engines. This will mean that businesses, in the future, will have to switch their domains and entire websites over to Google if they want to keep their top Google rankings. This could cost more money and headaches for business owners. Google is known for ranking businesses down for not using their products and not telling you why your website is not ranking anymore. Google has been ranking businesses down recently for not having a Google+ page, Google Reviews, and Google Adwords.

From an SEO and web development standpoint this creates a lot of business for use because people come to us to solve their website and search ranking problems. I have a love/hate relationship with Google that only a few people would understand. As for now businesses are safe on Google search because this service is still in its Beta stage. However, don't be surprised if Google's algorithm changes in the next couple of months or years to rank Google websites higher then other websites. If you would like more information on Google Domains please go to this link Google Domains Beta.