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Mobile Devices Pass PCs on Google Searches

Michael Richmond

For the first time ever Google has announced at the digital advertising conference that more searches on Google are now being made on mobile devices then the personal computers in the United States and other parts of the world.


Every one in the technology field knew since 2007 when the Apple iPhone was released that this time would come. The idea that people could search everywhere they go would eventually kill the PC world. As technology gets better and better we can now not only search on our phones but we can also work and be entertained on the go as well.  This has negatively effected tech companies such as Microsoft and HP. 

Google on the other hand has been able to take advantage of the mobile surge because its search engine and other Google services are embedded in the popular Android mobile operating system. But Google has taken some hits from this mobile movement.

Google's average ad prices have been declining for the past three and a half years. Some of the reasons why is because people and companies so far have been unwilling to pay a lot for the commercial message display on small screens for smartphones. Google is hoping that their mobile ad prices will climb as marketers recognize the value of being able to connect with prospective customers at the precise moment that they are look for some place to eat or buy products on a smartphone while stand in the store.

Google can take hits in the mobile market for a period of time considering Google processes more then 100 billion search request worldwide each month, including queries on PCs.

Also Google has recently overhauled its search engine system to favor websites that are easier to read and load on smartphones. The update was called #mobilegeddon and it has forced millions of websites to be mobile friendly with their website.

Google has been introducing advertising formats that will work better on mobile devices. For example, hotel rooms can now be booked within hotel ads by the help of expedia and hotwires platforms. Also car ads can now be swiped across a screen to make it easier to comparison shop.

A couple of weeks ago Google introduced a service for comparing mortgage rates in the U.S. The mortgage product expands upon a similar service for auto insurance policies that Google unveiled in California in March. Google is adding three more states — Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania — to the auto insurance service.

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