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Google+ failed and is changing according to insiders

Michael Richmond

Google has recently announced that it will be changing its strategy with Google+ from a social aspect.

Google realizes that Google+ failed as a social network and it cant compete with Facebook because they have to much brand recognition and their platform is more user friendly. Google+ will now only focus on photos and streams. Very similar to Instagram.

Realistically there are many people that use Google+ to access their Gmail, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps. But the issue is people are not actively using the Google+ social network because they are already invested in Facebook.

Below is a chart made by blogger Kevin Anderson in which he complied data by Edward Morbis. Edwards research gives us an idea of Google+ active users. Active users are people that have made a post to Google+ in January 2015. 

Google has been talking about changing Google+ for months and now we have official word that it is changing and it will be heavily aimed towards images. The main reason why Google whats mostly pictures on Google+ is because when people post pictures on twitter and Facebook those post have high interaction.

Also, Instagram has emerged as a powerful social media platform that Google wants to take advantage of. The biggest problem with Google+ was it tried to be too much like Facebook and it was late to the market. Below is a graph on how fast Instagram has grown in a small period of time.

Here are some other things that were said by former Google Employees:

  • Google+ was designed to solve the company's own problems, rather than making a product that made it easy for its users to connect with others.
  • One person also said Google didn't move into mobile fast enough with Google+.

  • Google+ was a "controversial" product inside Google, according to this person.

    When Vic Gundotra, who led Google+ and played a big role in creating it, left the company about a year ago, it came as a complete surprise.

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